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Everything You Have To Know About The Strapping
- Aug 27, 2021-


Woven Cord Strapping

As a strapping supplier, I’d like to share it with you.

What is Strapping?

After a cardboard box has been sealed with tape, even if it is a sturdy cardboard box, strapping can be applied to secure it fully. Strapping wraps around the package to provide a tight, firm seal that is not easily broken.

The Importance of Strapping

It can easily be applied no matter the package size, on everything from standard size cartons to large export boxes and pallets. It’s particularly useful when fixing a couple of cartons together. And it’s then considered as one parcel so reduces shipping costs.

Different Types of Strapping

Steel Strapping

Steel is the oldest type of strapping on the market. When high strength and minimum stretch are required, steel strapping materials are most often used. It often carries very heavy and large loads. It has high tensile strength and is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses to suit almost all applications. Of course, steel strapping materials are ideal in applications such as transporting extremely heavy and stable loads like sheet metals.

Polypropylene Strapping Materials

Polypropylene is economical, made of a plastic resin mixture, and not as strong as steel or polyester. It is also available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations, and is usually used for arch strapping machines or desktop strapping applications. Polypropylene strapping material has a certain degree of elongation, which means that the material can be stretched a little, but has an unrecoverable dead stretch, and the recovery is not as good as polyester. Polypropylene strapping material is ideal for light to medium-duty applications.

Polyester Strapping

Polyester is harder than polypropylene and is often used in place of steel. What is more, polyester strapping material is safer than steel. It has excellent tension retention and recovery characteristics, allowing the load to absorb shocks without damaging the belt. Polyester is usually the first choice because it is made from recycled plastic. Polyester is usually marked by green, which is environmentally friendly.

Polyester strapping materials are very suitable for applications that require the sturdiness and durability of steel. In addition, polyester strapping can be used with battery-powered cordless tools, which not only reduces the time to use strapping but also minimizes Common safety hazards of steel strapping.

Woven Strapping

Woven strapping can usually withstand larger and heavier loads than polyester. The braided strapping material is made of polyester thread and woven together to provide superior tensile strength while remaining light and safe.

Woven strapping materials are ideal in applications involving large and heavy loads or in situations where the company prefers to not use steel due to the possibility of injury during application or removal.

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